Art by Juliet Ferguson Room by  Kagami Architects , art consultation by  Subject Matter

Art by Juliet Ferguson
Room by Kagami Architects, art consultation by Subject Matter

Stewarts Law RCA Secret 2019

London November 2019

Gallery at Home

Home Llancayo Court, Usk, Monmouthshire, Wales, 5 - 19 October 2019
Blog post and photos of the event.
Purchase a print for £35.
All money from print sales goes to Crisis, Shelter Cymru, and Toiletries Amnesty

POW! WOW! Rotterdam

Street / Form Hilledijk, 105B, Rotterdam, 9 - 15 September 2019

Festival Pil’ours

Time to Think Pil’ours, France, 1 July - 31 August 2019

Shutter Hub Open 2018/19

5&33 Gallery, Amsterdam, 7 December 2018 - 21 January 2019
Old Truman Brewery, London, 4-9 October 2018

Stewarts Law RCA Secret 2016

London (number 810 page 68).

Dubai (number 22 page 2).


'Stolen Images' in Photomeditations

The Print Space: Two Projects 31 August, 2011

Profile Feature on Centrepoint Collective Up and Coming

London Independent Photography Magazine: Incognito, Spring 2012.
Download a pdf copy: Stolen Images by Juliet Ferguson

Press Coverage for Aesthetica Art Prize
Local Artist To Feature In Major Art Show

Aesthetica MagazineAesthetica Art Prize Exhibition 2013

Investigative Photography: Supporting a Story with Images
By: CJ Clarke, Damien Spleeters, and Juliet Ferguson



The Figures of Beauty by David Macfarlane. 
Harper Collins, 2013
Cover by Juliet Ferguson.




The Politics of Postmemory 
Violence and Victimhood in Contemporary Argentine Culture by Geoffrey Maguire.
Palgrave Macmillan, 2017
Cover by Juliet Ferguson.



Contemporary Italian Narrative and 1970s Terrorism: Stranger than Fact by David Ward.
Palgrave Macmillan, 2017
Cover by Juliet Ferguson.




Religion, Faith and Crime: Theories, Identities and Issues edited by  Kim Sadique and Perry Stanislas.
Palgrave Macmillan, 2017
Cover by Juliet Ferguson.




Condé Nast Traveler
The Most Popular (Legal) Spot for Urban Explorers




Aesthetica Art Prize 2013 at York St. Mary's, 8–28 March, 2013.

Central Saint Martins PGCert Final Show, 17–23 June, 2011.

Black Swan Arts, Froome, February, 2000

Brighton Arts Forum, April, 2013